Seattle Boat Tours – How To Maximize Your Vacation Fun

The city of Seattle is any tourist’s paradise. So many landmarks and world-famous locations are found in the city that is rightly called the city that never sleeps. You could get around by subway, by bus or by car within the city, and the subway is one of the most famous in the world. But there is no better way to relax while you move than to take a boat ride.

You will find a variety of Seattle boat rides at your fingertips when you are in this city. The boat rentals have something to offer everyone, be it a sports enthusiast or maybe someone who is just looking for a chance to relax as he sees the city.

You will find a number of speed boat services all round the Seattle harbor. The speed boats are of course for the sporty kind of people, and some of these rides can literally be hair raising. But on the other hand, if you are not the kind of person who likes speed, or getting a little wet, this may not be the best choice for you.

The cruise services around the city can offer you some fine dining experiences with a live band playing in the background; with a dining cruise around the harbor of Seattle City, you could have all the comforts of a star hotel. The tours are operated at convenient times to be able to have lunch or dinner on board. Many people make bookings for an entire group of tourists while some wish to spend a special evening out with their sweetheart. The Seattle city cruises can accommodate them all, and everyone enjoys the serenity of the experience.

For those with the wild streak, you will find floating night clubs that are very much like a disco on the water. The amazing music and lighting only add to the wonderful scenery of the skyline at Seattle City. Don’t miss this if you want to dance like never before.

The lights of Seattle at night make a beautiful skyline, and the view fro a cruise can show you a huge stretch of it in one go.

There are different categories of cruise services for different budgets. Try and not miss out on this opportunity to witness this awesome city like never before.

Unique Honeymoon On A Charter Boat Fishing Tour

Charter fishing boat prices are different with each company. However, there are many companies and transactions are numerous, so be sure to go around on the Internet and with travel agencies. It is a good idea to pick up a few magazines at your local library, bookstore or grocery store to review the wide variety of fishing options from which you can choose.

Plans and preparation for the Chartered fishing trip

It is best to determine how many people will visit your party and exactly how many people intend to go out on the charter fishing boat tour. Once you’ve determined the number of passengers, you just have to determine the number of days for your trip and the number of days you want to be on the tour charter fishing boat. Many of the charter boat’s fishing trip will provide all necessary steps, including tackling high-quality bars and coils. Most will not get discouraged if you choose to bring your own equipment, but keep in mind that their equipment is ready for the types of fish that you’ll be fishing during your excursions. It might be in your interests to leave your equipment at home and use the supplies that are provided.

Be very specific when asking the charter boat fishing companies on the provision of meals, snacks, and drinks. Some of these companies provide these services, while others are waiting for you to make your own lunch along this journey. It is important that you know this information before departure because most fishing trips are between four and eight hours. If you forget to ask or neglect to do all along, you may be surprised when the sun starts to fly, how badly you want to have a drink to chase the heat.

Your search options and your care quotes

The rates for chartering vessels fishing visits vary widely from company to company. Some cite a price which reflects the number of fishermen on board, the type of fish to be caught, the size of boat desired, or time fishing. Some companies are taking a variety of these factors into account and charge accordingly. As with most things, education, preparation and a clear set of goals should ensure a pleasant adventure.

A Travelers View of Seattle Boat Tours

Traveling abroad is not always to a foreign destination. From Raleigh, it’s about 2200 miles to Mexico City, yet by adding a mere 600 more miles you can get to Seattle, Washington, right here in the good old USA. We traveled there recently for a family wedding. The wedding was in Pasco, Washington, inland from Seattle about 180 miles.

Nestled on the beautiful Columbia river along with sister cities Kennewick and Richland, Pasco makes up a region nicknamed “the Tri-Cities.” Pasco still feels like small-town America that most of the country only see in Hollywood movies. Back yard cook-outs and warm summer nights at the ballpark combine with loved ones to weave memories that will last for a lifetime. And did I mention there was also a wedding? All in all, it was a wonderful few days in Pasco.

We Did the Seattle Sightseeing Tourist Thing!

Seattle is just great! There I’ve said it. I couldn’t help myself, It has been weeks since we visited that beautiful jewel of a city and I still can’t stop thinking about it. There is so much to see and experience that the three days we spent have forever burned a place in my memory.

Had To Check Out The Space Needle

We flew in on Tuesday and immediately headed to the Space Needle. I’ve been wanting to see it since 1962 when it was built for the World’s fair. At 605 feet tall it is one of the most outstanding and well-recognized landmarks in America. Built with the elements in mind, it was designed to withstand 200 miles an hour winds and an earthquake of a magnitude of just over 9. It costs 19 bucks a head to ride the elevator to the observation tower. ( only 17 for oldies ) From there you can see just about everything.

We stayed at a hotel just about 4 blocks from the Space Needle on 5th Ave. called “The Five.” I have to be perfectly honest, the “five” stand for the avenue – not the stars of the hotel. It was about a “2”. But it was just a few feet from one of Seattle’s brightest spots “Top Pot.” In case you haven’t heard, Top Pot has, arguably, the best doughnuts in the entire fried-dough loving world. My favorite was Blueberry Cinnamon! I quickly realized why God has given us two hands, obviously for two doughnuts. The doughnuts were almost an essential part of the day because of another Seattle favorite-Starbuck’s.

Starbucks, Of Course

There are about one hundred and three Starbucks in Seattle. You have to try hard to be out of sight of a Starbucks. They are everywhere.

Aviation Museum Tour

On Wednesday morning we were met at the hotel by an odd fellow with an old aviator’s hat on who turned out to be our driver and tour guide to the Boeing Airplane plant. They assemble most of their huge airliners in a building that is reportedly the biggest (per volume) in the world. Inside this plant, there are rows of huge 787’s and 767’s and restaurants, day-care, and hospital facilities for the workers. And, when you look up, there is probably room for another floor of the same size. Our guide turned out to be Seattle native and an avid history buff. During our ride to the pant he taught us much about the local history and especially about Howard Hughes. If you ever get the chance take the Boeing tour.

Pike’s Market

No trip to Seattle would be complete without a visit to the Pike’s Public Market at Pike’s pier. It’s a great place to see large fish being thrown across the room or just to have a quiet lunch in one of the many fine restaurants. Some of the finest produce is on display with many foods I had never even heard of. (at least I think they were foods)

Ride The Ducks of Seattle

We acted just like tourists and took a ride on the famous “Duck Boat Tour.”, also know as Ride The Ducks of Seattle These are strange amphibious boats built to cruise around the city like an open bus and then abruptly drive into a nearby lake or river or an offshore tour. It’s a lot of fun. They have these in many cities and are a great way to see an area from a different perspective.

A must-see in Seattle is a tour of Lake Union and nearby waters. We took a trip on a nice tour boat. It had a top deck for viewing or just soaking up the sun and also a bar for cool adult beverages. Lake Union is the most used little lake I have ever seen. While just standing in one place you can see a fleet of kids in little boats learning the basics of sailing, large sailboats coming in from Puget sound, 100-year-old houseboats, still floating on logs, kayakers, motor-boaters, and, to top it off, multiple seaplanes taking off and landing through it all. It’s like watching a three-ring circus. All of this is surrounded by the bustling city.